5 Apps That Can Help You Save Money


Nowadays, there’s an app for virtually everything. Do you love shopping? What about playing games? Are you planning to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle? Want a productivity companion? There’s an app for all that and so much more!

That’s why it isn’t so strange to find a host of smartphone apps that you can use to help you manage your budget, cut down costs, and increase your savings. In times when every single peso counts, these kinds of apps are definitely must-haves. Here are just a few that you should download, if you don’t have them yet:


Digital wallets or e-wallets are not exactly a new technology, per se, but it’s only recently that they’ve received a lot of attention. This is due to a variety of factors, including the increasing availability of low-cost smartphones and more widespread internet access. There’s also the fact that e-wallets can be used by everyone, whether or not they have a bank account.

The popularity of e-wallets nowadays can also be attributed to their numerous functions. Before, their sole function was to send and receive money. Now, e-wallets can also be used to pay your bills, get your load online, as well as settle taxes and other government fees. You can even shop online directly from the app. Doing all of these using just one platform can help you save time and money, especially since e-wallets often have special offers like cash back and merchant discounts.

Banking Apps

One of the most straightforward apps that you can download that can help you manage your finances is your bank’s own app. Why? Because it lets you know the most important detail for budgeting and saving: how much money you have.

Of course, your bank’s official app also allows you to transfer money and pay bills, usually with minimal or no added fees. Depending on the bank, you can also link its app to your e-wallet for easier funding.

Budget Trackers

In a lot of cases, people end up spending more than they can afford because they’re not following a budget. If you’re among this group, then solving this issue could be as simple as creating a budget and sticking to it. Good thing that there are a lot of free budget trackers that you can download, whether you’re an iOS, Android, or Huawei user.

Pick a budget tracker that allows you to categorize your expenses and records your spending patterns. This way, you can easily spot where you’re spending the most money and make adjustments accordingly. Ideally, there should also be an option to generate weekly, monthly, and yearly reports.

For something a little more “extra,” there are budgeting apps that allow you to set goals. This feature can certainly help motivate you in saving and becoming more responsible with your money.

Online Shopping Apps

It might seem contradictory to use online shopping apps in order to save money. However, the trick is to know when to buy and what to buy from these apps. First and foremost, wait for a sale. Shopping apps usually have them during paydays and special occasions. Time your purchases during these dates to enjoy big discounts.

Next, buy things in bulk because those come at much lower prices. Don’t just buy any product you want, though. Instead, choose non-perishable items that you’ll surely be using eventually. These include toiletries, detergents, and dishwashing soap. You can also include bathroom tissue and paper towels in this category. Doing this can help you save thousands of pesos in the long run.

You should also consider buying groceries through an app or website since many stores offer exclusive online discounts. As a bonus, you also save money and/or gas since you don’t have to commute.

Gamified Savings Apps

Over the past few years, a handful of “ipon challenges” were made popular in social media. Perhaps the most popular is the 52-week challenge, where you start by saving Php 50 on the first week of the year and then increase it by Php 50 every week afterward. Following this scheme, you’ll have saved a total of Php 68,900 by the end of the year.

Since it became popular, the 52-week challenge has had a lot of versions. There’s a plan where your goal is to save a specific number of coins and bills (e.g., 10 pieces of the Php 1,000 bill, 20 pieces of the Php 500 bill, etc.). Another savings scheme is to start with a specific amount and then simply double it the next month. For example, if you saved Php 100 in January, then you have to save Php 200 in February, Php 400 in March, and so on.

To make things a little more fun and to provide a little more encouragement, some app developers decided to create apps out of these “ipon challenges.” These let you choose the kind of savings scheme you want, then track your progress until you reach your goal. There are also preset reminders on the apps, so you don’t forget to put the right amount in your envelope, coin bank, or online account.

Saving money can definitely be a challenge. Thanks to technology, however, things can be a little bit easier. Give these apps a try and see how much your spending habits will change for the better!

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  • Anne D.Morales

    Kelangan po talaga may ipon tayo para sa future o kaya in case of emergency may madudukot.At napakarami ng paraan ng pag iipon ngayon tulad nalang po niyang 5 apps,malaking tulong sa pag iipon.Thanks for sharing the tips mommy Ruby?

  • Karen Joy Daban

    Thanks for those tips Ma..A big help to para sakin para ma manage ko ang budget namin at the same time makaipon

  • Marie Bella

    Personally mommy rubs, i use the most convinient and efficient to use. The E-wallets.. they are my bff whenever i have to pay my bills in terms of online hopping and food haul… i dont usually shop my grocery online cause i think ull spend more when u shop online but luckily while i was reading ur post! It caught my attention to wait for the word “SALE” thanks mommy Rubs!? i may try it one of these days.. Gamified Gaming apps are new to me! Wow im amazed! That was really a useful tip mommy Rubs! Ma try nga!? all this time im obsessed with 20 pesos ipon challenge because its more flexible to adapt. But above all, thank u mommy rubs for this information! I will surely try one of these apps?

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