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5 Living Room Design Ideas For Townhouses

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Decorating and furnishing your living room can be frustrating, especially if you have limited space. In the case of townhouses, homeowners might have to make the most of their square footage, especially if they have to use their living room other than entertainment and receiving guests. For instance, the pandemic prompted companies to implement a work-from-home scheme. This left some people with no choice but to utilize their sala as a home office. Cozy living rooms in condo units and townhouses might need reconfiguring to accommodate homeowners’ needs.

Fortunately, redesigning your townhouse living room to a spacious and stylish area is achievable through the right furnishings, decor, and layout. Consider these five living room design ideas and choose which will work best for your living space:

Lose The Legs

Short-legged furniture sets are essential in modern Japanese homes utilizing the Muji style. While they fall short in height, they compensate for the practicality and zen ambiance they give. Most short-legged pieces have secret compartments ideal for storing your belongings while keeping your home clutter-free. Homeowners of Birmingham Alberto in San Mateo Rizal may replace their usual furniture with low-legged ones to maintain an organized and calm abode.

Build Upwards

Another reason short-legged furniture sets are ideal for cozy living rooms is they create the illusion of higher ceiling space. With your vertical space, you can add upper shelves that attract onlookers’ eyes upwards. As such, your living space will look higher and less cramped.

Besides floating shelves, tall mirrors, ceiling lights, and floor-to-ceiling curtains elongate your living room visually. Add these elements to your sala area to make it more stylish and expansive.

Use Club Chairs

Sofa sets are the bulkiest part of any living room. Their length takes up a lot of space and may not give room to more seating and other furniture pieces you want to include. To save space without compromising comfortable seating, swap your sofa set for club chairs. They may be smaller, but they are comfortable and space-efficient. Club chairs are perfect for reading, enjoying your favorite drink, and playing chess with your family.

Make It Multipurpose

Nowadays, living areas also double as a home office and classroom. Even with limited space, you can make your sala area a multipurpose space with the right furniture pieces. For example, an adjustable coffee table expands to a higher desk during workdays. Foldable desks with wheels can serve as a laptop table during the day and a TV dinner tray at night. Add carpeting to create cushioning for your kids to play and you to work out safely. 

Add Plants

Plants are known for creating a refreshing environment both indoors and outdoors. If your home has a cool neutral scheme, add several small to medium potted plants to energize the place. The various green hues can perfectly contrast with your walls, adding the zen feel of an urban jungle. Add a few smaller plants, such as succulents, on your window sill to let them absorb ample light. With plants, your living room will not only look beautiful but also cleaner and fresher.

As a whole, you can design your townhouse living room in ways that accommodate comfort and space without compromising style. Choose from these five design ideas and make your sala area the best room for entertainment, relaxation, and productivity.

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Karen June 28, 2021 - 1:55 am

Maganda po pag tayo ay magdecorate ng living room may plants at marami pang iba .thank you for sharing po


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