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A Voice-Altering Microphone?

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I was watching TV the other night and I watched a feature on international singing sensation Charice in a news program. I think she’s home because she had to rehearse for a Valentine special to be aired on a local TV network. I just don’t know if the special will be shown live or if she will be taping for it.

Anyway, the news feature showed Charice rehearsing some of the songs she will be singing on the special. It was amazing how even at the rehearsal, she was already belting out the songs. But apart from her enigmatic voice, what caught my attention was her Swarovski encrusted microphone. I believe her mic was a gift from a company that manufactures world renowned microphones, headphones and the likes.

Now if I could only get my hands on one of those microphones, maybe my singing voice will be quite as fantastic as that of Charice’s. Or maybe not. Well, one can always dream, right? I wonder if there is a voice-altering mic.

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