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BDO Reiterates Support on Transition to Sustainable Energy


BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO) is fully behind the Department of Energy (DOE) in its push for cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. They want to generate more power, meet the growing demand for electricity, and reduce the harm to the environment by promoting renewable energy.

At the recent Philippine Power Plant Energy Summit, Eduardo V. Francisco, President of BDO Capital & Investment Corporation, stated that BDO is committed to collaborating with the energy sector to speed up the transition to sustainable energy. Since 2010, BDO has made sustainable energy financing a top priority to support the country’s economic growth and energy security.

BDO is actively expanding its efforts to fund new and existing renewable energy projects, increasing their capacity, and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They’ve been among the leaders in promoting renewable energy and energy-efficient financing in the Philippines and are eager to finance more renewable energy projects.

In line with the DOE’s call to boost investments in sustainable energy, BDO encourages energy industry players to partner with them for equity raising, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), bonds, project financing, and bank lending services.

In Photo: Eduardo V. Francisco, President of BDO Capital, was one of the speakers at the 2023 Philippine Powerplant Energy Summit which was attended by energy stakeholders, experts, investment companies and solution providers to address the country’s growing energy needs.

However, there are challenges to overcome in making sustainable energy more affordable and reliable in the Philippines, including the potential addition of nuclear power to the energy mix. Francisco and other speakers at the summit acknowledged these hurdles. Francisco pointed out that banks like BDO currently cannot invest in nuclear energy because it’s not classified as renewable, even though it’s sustainable. He believes that considering nuclear power as part of sustainable energy could unlock more funding for renewable energy projects, ensuring that when large financing is needed, banks like BDO are ready to step in and help.

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