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Having my hubby for about 72 hours is not enough!! He arrived last Wednesday around 9:00pm and left last night around 11:30pm. My smile when he arrived reached my ears while my frown got as far as my chin goes when he left.
I can’t believe how time flies. It seems that he only arrived yesterday and now he is gone back to work. I can’t take this! I can’t bear this! I really felt that leaving him alone in Bacolod was a wrong decision and I think I needed to do something to make up with my mistakes. Yup!! I am planning to go back there. Even though my hubby is not perfect, I felt that being together as a family would make a big difference and somehow may hasten his decision to change for us because if I leave him alone, nobody in Bacolod will remind him on making right decisions and how the family is important.

Anyway, he agreed that I should go back but I still have to wait for his text message. We must be sure that he will be permanently assigned in Bacolod so that we will not have to transfer again and again. I am praying that he will get promoted to the new position that is currently under review by the higher management of their company. If he does, he will be permanently assigned there and we might be able to buy our very own house there.

If we go there, we might leave my big girl behind because she is currently in school right now. She agreed that she will transfer to Bacolod after she finishes here but in one condition…she wants a brand new mobile phone for herself! Not any second hand but a brand new one. Of course, I have no choice but to agree. Though I don’t really want to leave her but if I force to relocate her now, her studies will be affected and my parents will kill me for sure!

Everything is not final yet. Decisions must be based on logic now. Don’t want to become too emotional again. It’s very expensive and painful!

Pics were taken at Pizza Hut SM Cagayan de Oro after watching The Mummy 3.


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Mitch August 3, 2008 - 12:20 pm

Looks like you all had fun sis. Happy for you…. Alam mo na yun!

Pinay WAHM August 3, 2008 - 3:41 pm


Looks like you family time was indeed family time. Great to see you together again if only for a few days.


Mommy J

Mummy SHENG August 4, 2008 - 4:22 am

looks like everybody had fun and were happy for those 2 days! i can see how happy you are being with you dear hubby!

well, you have to think about moving back over a million times! it won’t only be costly but quite an emotional stress to if the situation between you and your husband won’t change.

so let’s all hope for the best!


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