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Do You Own Your OBA Business? – by Cindy

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I just have something that I would like to point out to you. This is something that will come up from time to time – and you will have to deal with it. So, here is a comparison that will help you answer the question, “Do You Own Your OBA Business?”

I have a very good friend who wanted to own her own business – she chose a McDonald’s franchise. I had the pleasure of working side-by-side with this great lady as she began her career as a McDonald’s Restaraunt Owner.

Let’s compare a few things: Donna purchased franchise rights from McDonald Corporation. She purchased land and had a restaraunt built to McDonald’s specifications. You purchased a digital product (ebook) from OBA’s soon-to-be digital library. You obtained free web hosting to host your sales page. Your sales page was built according to Dave’s specifications.

Comparison – Both businesses began pretty much the same way. Something was purchased, resale rights were given, and you became a representative of a larger business. McDonald’s provided Donna with a business plan, products to sell, and support from the McDonald’s Corporation. OBA (Dave) provided you with a business plan, products to sell, and support from the CEO and every other OBA affiliate who wishes to participate in the OBC.

Comparison: Both companies provided a business plan, a product, and support. McDonald’s gives franchise owners choices about whether or not they wish to provide specialty sandwiches on the menu. McDonald’s does have some stipulations that are in place to protect McDonald’s Corporation and individual franchise owners. Donna chooses how she runs her business – she chooses her managers, she chooses her hours of operation, and she chooses her employees. OBA gives affiliates choices about which products they wish to sell – you choose whether you want to only sell digital products or if you also wish to participate in building a business that earns you recurring monthly income. OBA has rules and stipulations in place in order to protect OBA and individual OBA affiliates. You choose how much time you want to dedicate to your business, how you want to advertise your business, and how far you want to take your business.

Comparison: Both companies have rules in place for the protection of both the company and the individual business owners. Both companies allow you the freedom to decide how to run your business and how successful you want to be. McDonald’s Corporation earned a one-time franchise fee and earns a recurring, monthly income. Dave earns a one-time admin fee when someone leases an Adspace and a recurring monthly income from the programs.

Comparison: Both business plans work the same. Should McDonald’s Corporation make money by offering people a chance to own their own businesses? Sure – or there would be no McDonald’s Corporation. Should the CEO of OBA make money by offering people a chance to own their own businesses? Sure – or there would be no OBA.

Does Donna own her own business? You better believe she does! (now 4 total)

Do you own your own OBA business? You better believe you do! And, you have the option of making your business just what you want it to be!

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