Experiencing a Pink Flu

Yes! I am sick. I am having a PINK FLU. Haven’t heard about it? Well, it’s when the blogger sleeps early because all he or she could see are all PINK colored opportunities (not the real sickness). ^_^ That is right!! After my PR drop down few weeks ago (seems like ages to me), whites have been so uncommon for me and seeing all those PINK colored task as part of my typical blogger’s life.

Though I am still getting a few tasks, it’s not the same as before when I still had a 4. So, a little worry has started to creep-in on me. Aside from not hearing anything from the blog auditors, the PR drop down and the “already” rare assignments have made me bite off my nails away! Every time I hear my Outlook Program sound a notification of a newly arrived mail, I felt that I am about to have a heart attack. The fear of losing another income opportunity really scares me.

Well, I still have a small number of aces up my sleeves but the scarcity of opportunities made it more difficult to survive as a stay at home mommy with these few. The freeform company and the white giver are those that I rely the most. So if I lost one of these two, I might be having a hard time coping up with my credit card debts and daily expenses. Actually, it already started when my PR drop down to 2.

Anyway, I am hoping that a rainbow would show up in the next few days and not another storm. I have too much already in my marriage. ^_^ Oh well, I am really hoping to see the lighter side of life just to make it more balanced before I lose what’s left of my sanity. But to be honest, I was really glad that I stroked while the iron was hot. How I wished it stayed hot forever. LOL!!!


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  • earthlingorgeous

    Hugs I think even the paid blogging sites are feeling the recession right now so opportunities are few lately. Chin up! God will make a way.

  • lady

    there’s not much offers the past months. unlike before last year, araw araw meron. Now, very rare na.

    anyway, i hope you can visit my blog.. we are on a project of raising some funds for church repairs.Please check the church photos..

    any help is appreciated.

    salamat and more power!

  • Mommy Ruby

    hello mga gandas! thanks for the comments.

    yeah, i know there is a worldwide economy crisis going on that’s why advertisers are very rare nowadays but it made the pain more hurting when my PR got slapped. anyway, i just hoped that the advertisers would open more opps with a lower PR requirements. at least all of us will have the chance to grab. ^_^

  • Babette

    Hello. 🙂 I can feel your pain. At least you still have PR left, ako wala. 🙁 I hope I get it back. I agree with the other comments, there are less OPs these days. Maybe I shouldn’t be too picky too, minsan kse if I don’t feel like writing an OP pinababayaan ko.

  • genny

    Oh buti ka pa mommy got pr2 ako all my blogs are pr0 but its ok as long as the real rank eh maliit lang may opp ka sa ppp di ba? There is sunshine after the rain and i always believe that…cheer up girl….

  • Jade/Momma Wannabe

    Cheer up girl! Atleast madami ka blogs na may pr di ba- ako nawala kaisa isahan and now back to zero.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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