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Filipina Mothers nowadays has sprung from a simple housewife to the presidential seat. They are mostly educated and working in tandem with their husbands…gone where the times when they are only found at home taking care of the children.

My late grandmother was a very sweet and tender person. Since the time I knew her, I never saw her leave the house and go to work. She was very committed to her chosen vocation – housewife. I admire the way she took care of my grandfather, her children and grandchildren.

My mother on the other hand was a business woman. She left home to do her business but has a lot of time when I needed her. She was a market vendor. And when she has given her place to my sister, she sold lemon juice inside the public market. Guess what! She doesn’t stay in one place but she tours the area carrying her ice bucket full of lemon juice. She influenced me the most. I grew up in the public market…selling plastic bags and Filipino delicacies (biko, etc). When I was in elementary, I used to sell my pad paper by piece. She was a housewife and a businesswoman at the same time.

As for me, I am handling one of the branches of a leading direct selling & networking company. Yup! I am paid to help people earn extra income. I have chosen to work though I wanted to do business because of financial reasons. I am a career mom. I am mostly seen at work than at home…and even on Sundays.

Many Filipina mothers have chosen their vocation due to many reasons. Mostly in the Philippine setting, one of the major reasons they chose to become career women is because of financial deficiency to supply the basic need of a family. We sacrifice a lot of our time with the children to provide for them.

Whatever is your position right now, be a housewife, a businesswoman or a career mom, we are still women with great responsibilities. We have grown very far. We have become a helpmate to our husbands not only at home but even with the bills. But let us not forget the essence of a Filipina mother…we value family more than anything.

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  • sheena gomez

    The mother should give a time for a family, and mostly for the children. Your post make an inspiration to the filipina mothers. Keep posting.

  • Istin (@istin21)

    Whether a SAHM or a working mom.. I think most of us, prioritizes our children. Your mother and mine, are the same. My mom is a vegetable dealer. On the hand, I am a SAHM because my mother wants me to be the one to take care of my kids since she can still provide for us but maybe this time or next year, I will be working again to help with the expenses..

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