Ibuprofen DOLAN – For Fever and Pain in Children

When you have growing kids, seeing them in pain makes you uneasy. As a mom, sometimes I would wish and hope that I will be the one who should suffer pain instead of them. But sometimes pain is inevitable as they grow up, they feel pain when their tooth is growing out, they feel pain after immunization, they feel pain for other sicknesses! So, pain is definitely part of growing up! Good thing our Pedia Doctor recommends what is best for my children – Dolan!

Ibuprofen DOLAN is the new generation children’s fever and pain medicine. It comes with a delicious orange flavor that my kids really loves! There are three Ibuprofen DOLAN products namely Dolan FP Forte (200mg/5ml Suspension), Dolan FP (100mg/5ml Suspension) which are given to children 2 years old and above, and then Dolan FP Oral Drops for babies from one year and under.

When we arrived in Manila last November 22, my youngest child Bella Grace was having a fever. Good thing I was given a Dolan Gift Pack to take home during the Pinay Mommies Community Second Grand Eyeball. We let her took the meds when we arrived and rested at the hotel. When morning came, all my friends from the Postcrossing Enthusiasts Group were glad to see Bella Grace up and running around at the Manila Central Post Office Building!! And that’s a fact!! Technically speaking, Dolan saved our family vacation!

The image at the left side (above) is the similar Dolan Gift Pack I received. I was not able to take a complete picture because we used the contents immediately. Grab the image from Mommy Karen of Mom’s Online Magazine.

To learn more about fever and pain management in children, you can visit and like Ibuprofen DOLAN Facebook Page!

Disclaimer: I strongly recommend that you consult your doctor for proper advice before using any medications, including vitamins, supplements, herbals, and products for the skin. 

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