Pinay Mommies Community Second Grand Eyeball Rocks!!


It was last March 2011 when I booked my family’s flight for Manila; we decided that we will celebrate my son’s 8th birthday at Star City and Manila Ocean Park. Then when April 2011 came, the First PMC Grand Eyeball transpired and we felt that we moms deserve to have another one! So we have decided to have another Grand Eyeball just in time when my family and I are in Manila. The date was set – November 22, 2011!!

Months flew fast and preparations were made! When the day came, everything was just awesome!! It was a huge success! 48 moms from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and moms from Canada, Germany and the US graced the event!! I met a lot of moms for the first time! It was indeed a blissful day!

Though the PMC Second Grand Eyeball started late because our flight was delayed due to air traffic, the program went smoothly. The event was divided into two parts. The first part was to acknowledge our generous sponsors who gave all moms including me with awesome products that were very useful for us, our children and even for our homes!

Our generous major sponsors were…

Smart Steps – is a line of mild & safe products specifically formulated for babies. Clinically proven safe & effective, Smart Steps truly understand a mother’s need for their babies. They gave out sample of their products which are indeed useful for washing my baby’s clothes.

Unilab – one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines who is very close to our family’s heart since we are users of their products from multivitamins and medicines both for adults and children. Our home medicine drawers and personal medicine pouch contain products from them. So I was so glad when they gave out products from Multivitamins Enervon, Diatabs, Rashfree and even loot bags from their famous brands such as Ceelin (my children’s best Vitamin C supplement) and Dolan (pain reliever for kids).

Our minors sponsors made me smile so big as well, they have up sample products that are so very useful that even my husband and my children were so ecstatic!

Procter and Gamble gave us Ariel Stain Lift powder and Pampers Diapers in which both are brands are common in our household.

Scotch-Brite gave us a lot of cleaning pads! We normally use their common cleaning pads but I was so surprised of the other cleaning pads they have; especially the anti-bacterial scrub sponge which made first on our kitchen sink!

Umami gave a loot bag filled with seasonings that made my husband very happy. He likes to experiment when cooking so he owned them all. 🙂

Avon, the company close to moms (as a business and beauty company) has items raffled. I didn’t win any but still I am happy that some of the moms got beauty products to take home!

Drypers, one of the diaper brands that I trust gave Drypers Weewee Dry Diapers, Libresse products and 1000 pesos worth of McDonalds Gift Certificate.

Ainon, one of the trusted companies for baby accessories gave two strollers. We didn’t raffled the items but decided to donate it on PMC’s Charity Event that will be held next year.

Friends from Geiser-Maclang gave all moms a box of Krispy Kreme Donuts and a t-shirt featuring the people’s champ Manny Pacquaio for Alaxan.

Richwell, the company that distributes HotWheels, Barbie and others,  gave out toys too as items to be raffled for moms. The kids were so happy!!

Grendha gave great pairs from their line to some lucky moms! Goldquest Biotechnologies gave out unique ballpens and sent some cash to support the PMC Second EB funds.

And to capture wacky and unique moments, Krazy Pix Photo Booth graced the event and sponsored the whole session of photo booth captures of all attendees.

And of course, the PMC Cake courtesy of Project Happiness Bakehouse!!

And of course, the second part was the traditional token-giving of PMC moms and bonding time!

Here are some tokens that were exchanged by moms… (the mug was given by me!)

Before I forget, I would like to thank all the moms who attended this event. Aside from that, I would like to recognized Marz Pehpot Pineda of Make or Break for her valuable contribution in making the event successful. Mommies Ning and Cielo for hosting the event; Mommies Rossel, Maricel, Kaye, Fedhz, Levy, Nina, and Mae for the registration and distribution of loot bags; Mommies Mauie and Eihdra for being the official photographers during the event; and Mommies Cecile, Olga and Gene during the program proper.

Thanks again to our sponsors for making our events blissful with goodies…

And on the next day, we were published in the newspaper!! Our second print media mileage!!

I am so overwhelmed by the First and Second Grand Eyeball, can’t wait for the Third!!! Super bitin, kulang sa time!

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