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Introducing Photo Memeries

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If you have noticed, most of my photos submitted for memes or uploaded for my post have “Photo Memeries” as watermarks. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that I have a new blog that I have not spoken about. 😀

Yup, I have a new blog called “Photo Memeries.” The word memeries is combined from the words meme and memories. It is a blog that feature photos taken by me personally or any members of my family. Some of these photos are submitted to weekly memes found in the blogosphere and some are uploaded as remembrance for life happenings that I don’t want to forget but be stored online for lasting memories. My photos are not of high resolution since most of them are taken by old digital cameras and lousy phone cams, some are scanned from old pictures.

At Photo Memeries, you will also find a directory of memes that involves pictures such as Wordless Wednesday, Ruby Tuesday, Pink Fridays and others. Sounds interesting? Well, you are always free to visit my new and first photo blog at www.photomemeries.com today!

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Mela November 14, 2009 - 12:53 pm

hi there! congrats on your new blog and the new baby. 😎


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