Learning How to Sing

I love music but I’m not a singer by heart. I just love listening to songs and I sometimes sing along especially when I know the lyrics to a song. It would have been great if I could sing. But since I can’t, I’ll just leave the singing to the experts.

That doesn’t mean though that I’ve never tried karaoke. On the contrary, I love singing karaoke songs but only when I’m in the company of friends and family. Actually, I have to correct myself and say that I can sing. I think everybody can sing. But not everybody sings well. There lies the difference. Would I want to learn how to sing? Yes! If it means buying karaoke machines just so I can practice night and day, why not?

That would be too expensive though. Anyway, I can always sing in the shower. Or I can always dip myself in the beach, neck-deep and sing my lungs out. That would make my diaphragm stronger and maybe by the time I get out of the water, I can hit those high notes already. Just an idea.

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