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Marching Bands Abound

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Apart from being the start of the summer month, March is also the time when festivals and town fiestas abound. These occasions are marked by colorful street and home decorations, food and festivities and fun activities, like local carnivals, beauty pageant and other sorts of entertainment. Truly a town is never as happy and colorful as the time of the fiesta.

Another prominent feature in local town festivals are the marching bands. They add color to any celebration and add more fun to any festivity. Normally, they would parade down the entire town or barrio early in the morning to signal the start of the celebration and would parade later on at night at the town procession, playing those catchy songs led by the majorettes twirling their baton. I bet marching band owners are raking in a lot of money at this time of year and I guess they go hunting for marching band uniforms at WWBW as early as the year begins.


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