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Every time I check my blog, I can’t help but notice the baby growing in my pregnancy countdown widget. Somehow seeing the baby grow and develop makes me feel excited of the things that are going on inside my tummy. Indeed having a new life form inside you is a miracle.

I am two months pregnant now and I just finished my medication. I haven’t done another urine test to see if my UTI is gone but I am hoping to get one anytime this week. I will wait for my doctor’s advice on this. I just hope and pray that I am perfectly healed. It’s very hard thinking of such health issues while you know such infection can endanger the baby inside me.

Anyway, next month will be March and that means school is almost over. I can’t wait to see my big girl and my mom. My nephew is also coming over. My husband and I agreed that we are going to support him in his school. I felt so proud of my husband because he is so generous to agree helping my brother’s son to finish school. So probably in the next few months, I have many people to talk too. Unlike now, my baby boy and I are the only people bubbling inside the house. The landlady and his son is always out and the other boarders are only home during the nights and most of them spend time inside their rooms.

Since we will be many in the next couple of months, we are already active in looking for a new home to rent. We are planning for a place that would allow us to start a business. Probably sell some food, start a practice studio (rent out musical instruments), internet café with billiard tables to be rented. It’s hard to live these days, so we need to find some ways to earn extra both online and offline. We will also have members of the families to help us out. So I guess it would be a great start.

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  • gengen

    Thanks for being understanding mommy you know why. I am happy for you hope your plans will be successful. I also plan to have an online business and i hope it will be successful. Just always take care…God bless.

  • josie

    hello pinay mommy, i’m jade’s aunt and i’m new in this blogging.she’s teaching me little by little,and i’m reading all her friends’ blog, i read ur blog and i can say i’m impress with ur site. i also have a small business right in our home an internet cafe, though the income is not as big as in comm’l areas, we’re surviving coz we don’t have to rent a space, and that’s a big advantage, we’re just at home and at the same we have extra income. and still i can send my son to college. good luck, hope you can visit my site.

  • Avanta meeting rooms

    I know exactly what your going through now. As a work at home mom who only started looking after my 18 months old gal,it’s really painstaking. I have started of a small business,not yet online but help companies abroad on tips.

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