If you noticed, I deleted some of my recent posts. All of which was paid by a so called direct advertiser (adyazueto) who pays me a meager amount of $3 to $5 per 200 word post. through my blogger friend pinkglamour. Why? Here is the story.
I have been doing other paid post for a so called “direct advertiser” (adyazueto) who only contacts my friend pinkglamour for the job. In which, she in turns contact me for the details. Of course, since I needed money. I grabbed every opportunity even how low the pay is as long as I think it’s legal. So, I did several jobs under her. Some were paid and some were not by the so called third party (adyazueto – getbuzz), but still I trusted her because she was only the contact.Last night, I sent support to RM asking them why they wouldn’t accept by blog. Here is the detail of my email:

Name: Ruby
Phone: +63920*******
Comments: i have a pr4 blog and i have submitted it a long time ago. maybe around 4 months or more. when i try to register it again. it says its already in the system.

can you please help me with this? i can’t have tasks and i can’t earn money if i couldn’t submit my blog. please help. thanks.

my blog is:


Afterwards, the RM support replied that my blog was already registered to an account pinkglamour7@*.com.

So, I contacted my friend pinkglamour and asked her to remove all my blog from the system so that I could use my blog. She also told me that she has no idea how did my blog get into her account where in fact she doesn’t know who RM is. But she received an email from them that I was a claiming my blog and they will be disabling it until matters will be resolved.

<>She said that she doesn’t she know about this, so I just told her to tell RM that I really owned the blog and that I was doing works for her and that she in turn pass my work to others (the so called third party – adyazueto – getbuzz<>) since she told me that maybe the advertiser used my blog and registered it with RM that she also approved through her email. Then she said that she sent an email to support regarding this.

<>This is a quote from YM of what she sent to RM Support:

hello.. i just want to let you know that was not really mine, its just that my friend ady azueto who said that your company was affiliated with getbuzz (although as i remember reviewme was in the subject of the mail) and it was just the same he ask me to confirm the mail and because i really dont know your company i confirmed it and he got the access and keep on adding my blog which is my 3 of my blog such as *.com *.net and *.com including that it happen just recently.
we only get 3$ per review. when i saw my account because of forgot password feature i saw that it really cost 5-12.50 per review please do help us and delete those blogs from that account i dont know what will happen even if i changed my password as partly my fault so please do give back the blog to this mail

<>And guess what the support replied?? They said that according to their records pinkglamour7@*.com<> is the real owner of the blog and that I am the fake user since 2007 and that my ranks are fake.
<>Now, the true owner of the blog is being accused of as a fake user since 2007. Where in fact that I didn’t even got any work from them?? Would you blame a person who requests a password reset because she always forgot her password. Why? Because I don’t go to them that much since I get no work from them because they haven’t approved my blog. I think registered my old blog with them. The one with a blogspot URL.

Now, it’s approved but in another person’s account. Where is justice here? My own blog and I am the fake user? Would you blame me for posting paid posts for a person who told me that it was from direct advertisers but not with RM??

<>I am not saying who the scammer is or I am rambling against RM. I am just here to announce that the owner of this blog is ME!!!

<>Pinay Mommy Online with the domain is owned by Mommy Ruby and owns both the emails and and

< style=”font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 0, 0);”>I own this blog!! I am not fake and my rank is real!!
To all the posers out there, you will get your KARMA soon!!



< style=”color: rgb(0, 0, 153); font-weight: bold;”>*LESSON LEARNED*
Don’t TRUST so much!! Don’t work if there is a third party involved!


<>So, guys. Keep watch!! Your blogs can now be virtually stolen. You never know that somebody might be using your blogs and you to benefit from other get paid to blog companies.

The truth will prevail. If I don’t get justice in this life. I will get it in the next. Vengeance is not mine but the Lords. Si LORD na bahala sa sitwasyon na ito!

THIS IS TO CLEAR THINGS UP. I AM NOT BLAMING ANYBODY HERE. I AM JUST PRESENTING VALID FACTS. PinkGlamour informed me that she worked for a certain adyazueto whom probably used my blog to register it to REVIEWME including her 3 blogs also. I don’t know what really happened and how my blog ended in another person’s account. The intention of this POST is to acknowledge that I owned this blog. PERIOD.

UPDATE: RM emailed me back, they said that they didn’t wrote the email saying I am a scammer. They said, “I am not sure what is going on, but I did not write this. You should be able to tell that an American did not write that letter. I would not use such poor grammar and sentence structure.This email proves that I did not do anything illegal and bad against the company.

= I now close this incident with good intentions. =
= I don’t want any fuss. My conscience is clear. =
= I leave this to God. =



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