My Journey Over the Last Decade as a Blogger and Influencer


It was in 2007 when I started blogging. My story is something that most of my readers and followers know. It started with something tragic and from there it went up the hill and then it rolled down. Eventually, the end wasn’t what most have expected.

Start of My Blogging Journey

Motivated by Money

I was at home when I discovered blogging. I was on leave at that time from my job. A friend of mine messaged me over Friendster and talked about blogging. The only thing that piqued my interest was that I could earn money while writing about something. It doesn’t matter what I write as long as I do things properly according to what was asked. That made me start my blog back in November of 2007.

Honestly, I had fun for the first few months. I met new online friends. I didn’t earn money, but I was excited because I was building something new. I was so interested and hopeful because I really wanted to stay at home at that time and earn money for the family.

All was good for the first five years, then everything changed. Writing for money alone was not motivating me any longer, maybe because I was already starting to suffer from my family problems, which somehow affected me. Then my blogging started to decline until I stopped.

Personal Struggle and Hiatus

Because of my family problem, I was faced a lot of internal conflicts. I was depressed and didn’t want to write, even if I was compensated. The blogging industry also changed during the drop of the dollar around late 2008 and the change of Google’s algorithm. I was so down, struggling, and eventually, my blog went on a hiatus. I was still called a blogger, but I was not blogging anymore. I was no longer writing. If I was writing, it was more of an obligation.

Finding My Voice

After a long hiatus, I somehow wanted to blog again. Well, at first, I thought I could blog again. After the outcome of my family problem, I somehow lost my voice… my identity. I no longer know where I am standing as a blogger. I had an identity crisis. I know what my blog’s niche was, but I didn’t want to accept it anymore. I wanted to venture out and do something else. I tried rebranding myself. I was not too fond of the fact that my personal life messed up my online identity. It was a battle within!

Acceptance and Reality

Then after a very long struggle, I finally accepted who I am as a blogger. Well, I didn’t really accept myself immediately. Still, it took a pandemic to realize and accept things as they really are – to accept the direction of my life and even accept my blog and my identity as a blogger.

The Journey Beyond

I am not saying that I have finally gotten to my eureka moment, but all I can say is that I have finally found my voice back and my identity as a blogger. My direction where I want to go with my blog is now clearer. I am yet to organize my thoughts and my plans, but I am there.

The Importance of Finding Your Voice as a Blogger, as an Influencer

Finding your voice, your identity as a blogger is essential because this radiates authenticity. If you find your voice, you will eventually pursue your passion. And if you find your passion, people with the same interests will be attracted to you. This is the reason why bloggers are also considered online influencers. What they write about will attract like-minded individuals, and their voice grows bigger, thus influencing more.

Like how blogger Paula Rosales has found her passion and wrote about it on her blog, she has found people who share the same passion. And because of her authentic voice, brands are attracted to work with her through influencer marketing. And Paula, very firm with her voice, choose to work with brands she believed shares her ideals.

Authenticity is important. It doesn’t only attract people who share the same interests as you, but it also attracts a wide variety of brands that would want to work with you by sending your products for samples or make you their brand ambassadors to promote them. If a brand is in the health industry, they would definitely want to work with health and lifestyle influencers.

My Growth as a Blogger and Influencer

My journey to finally realize who I really am as a blogger (and influencer) might have taken a very personal turn, but it definitely shaped who I am. Before I am a blogger, I am an individual first with private life. And because of that, my voice is unique and has become my own personal brand.

Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.

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