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Niche Blogging?

My friend asked me if it would be good to start a niche blog on health. Well, I said it’s OK as long as you love the topic and have many things to share. I also told her to look for other sub-categories to focus because “HEALTH” is too general.

Anyway, she was excited and is planning to start one. I also asked her if she is willing, I could write some weight loss pill reviews on her blog. Staying fit and healthy these days is also a good sub-category for a health related blog. She was fine with it and I am also excited because of another opportunity.

As for me, I have almost 20 domains and most of them are general blogs. I haven’t thought of having a niche blog since I am not sure if I could stay on a certain topic without being sidetracked but maybe it would also be nice to try. Don’t you think? At least I could put my other domain in use. 😀

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16 thoughts on “Niche Blogging?

  1. Niche blogging can really pay you a lot especially when advertisers are looking for your niche. Better try it for now maam.Madam can I ask a favor from you?? can you pls . Pls vote for
    right here thanks

    It would be much appreciated. And a big help to me..thanks

  2. @Fatherlyours: I guess having many problems and tragedies in life is enough for a person to blog about many things. Hahaha…

    @Sarah: No probs…will try to visit again.

    @Abby: Glad to see you here. 😀

    @Francis: I agree with especially if you want niche advertisers too. By the way, I already voted.

    @Donald: Mas marami ka pa nga sa akin eh. 😀

  3. Grabe idol ka talaga Mommy Ruby! Dami mong blogs tapos ikaw pa halos mag isa nag me-maintain nyan ha? Galing mo naman talaga! Dapat si hubby makigulo na rin para you get some little help naman di ba? 🙂

  4. @ mommy ruby
    thanks for voting I really appreciate it. some of the visitors feel free to vote for me. here

    By the way I am holding my own contest, do you want to sponsor mommy ruby??

  5. It’s good indeed to start a niche blog on health. Health and true happiness are inseparable and the health talks about the spiritual values in our life
    because we must to wish to live for the medicine could have the effective result.

  6. @Random Surprises: Actually, I have 20 domains but not all are blogs. I think my blogs are less than 15. Hubby and I have already talked about his domain. We are planning to have a share take on it. Something we have in common. 😀

    @Francis: No problem.

    @JesuLalaine: I have less than 15 blogs. Not all of them are monetized. Some are for personal use only.

    @Grace: I think I am just motivated to create and maintain them. There is a driving factor that is!

    @Tomas: I agree, health and happiness is inseparable. Spiritual values is indeed the core of our being. 🙂

    @Elmot: Nako…I am just a plain blogger pero hinde pa blogaholic. I knew somebody who has 100 domains and all of them are blogs. 🙂

  7. Looks like you’ve been in the business for quite some time. You know what you’re talking about. Keep it up PinayMommy. I’m newbie and would love to read more articles like these that give us beginners the direction and ideas we need as we plod along.

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