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I’ve been blogging about my personal life since May 2008, that makes me a 1 year and a half blogger. And as I go on, I have known that there are several types of blog. Some are personal blog, resource blog, make money blog, portfolio and such.

SEO is a short term form Search Engine Optimization. I’ve been hearing this three letters here and there, anywhere and everywhere but, I really do not understand what it is exactly for. I’m having difficulty on how it works and what is the main idea of having it. But from the word itself, Search Engine Optimization, I came up of a definition for myself and I am not sure if I got it right.

SEO, as I understand, it is optimizing your site for search engines. This is usually done for the sake of the blog traffic and always accompanied to make money online, the ad sense thingy? There are lot of ways to optimize you website at google or yahoo to be on the first page. And of course, do not think it as easy because you should do a lot of things to do so that for me it was really hard and confusing. Oops, talking about being noob. haha

I plan to study on it during our semester break, it’s two more weeks then I’m off! But I am thinking also of resting myself on computers and internet, I’ve been online everyday and spend a lot of hours in front of my laptop which is I know very bad. I plan to deal with fresh air outside and appreciate the environment. Time flies fast and I am thinking now what to do in the garden in November.

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