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Though the company I worked before was a direct selling company, they have installed a Microsoft Project Manager in the main office to help organize data. My ex-boss really invested his own servers just to accommodate not only the local expansion of the company but as well as in the international scene.Well, it’s actually good to have your own MS Project Server 2007 if you are a big and expanding company but if your size is just around 500 below employees, I guess subscribing to software as a service (SaaS) is the better option. You can save somewhere around 80% from the actual cost of owning one. Aside from that, the maintenance cost of the server and even the purchasing of the latest version which usually happens every year. One of those that I have encountered that offers SaaS is www.phase2.com. They provide MS Project web access at the most affordable price and excellent customer assistance.

Well, I guess if we really want to expand our company, sometimes renting or subscribing for a product or service can be the best choice and it’s not always buying.

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