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    Happy 7th Blog Anniversary to Pinay Mommy Online!

    Today marks my 7th blog anniversary. I remember creating this blog and my first blog post that day. I was at home because I was recently discharged from the hospital. I got a miscarriage and took a leave from work. Out of curiosity (from the insisting invites from friends to create one because it can bring in money) and sheer boredom, I created this blog. Though it started with an unhappy memory, this blog created a lot of memories for me. My life was literally turned upside down. From a career mom, I took the ultimate plunge and started working from home because of this blog. I am not exaggerating…

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    Pinay Mommy Online Turned One!!

    Yup! Pinay Mommy Online has turned 1 year old yesterday and I haven’t finished the mechanics of my contest yet. Please accept my sincere apology. It’s been really hard for me lately from using a prepaid internet access, down dropping of my blog’s metrics, and to top all of that, my desire to keep my marriage and family intact. But hey! I got a special thanks to Teena from Toronto and Mommy Aeirin for remembering and greeting my blog. Thank you guys!!Anyway, yesterday was also my hubby’s birthday. He has just turned 32 years old and the celebration was not that much. My hubby, my baby boy and I ate…

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    Happy First Blogoversary to Expressions and Thoughts

    My friend Janet from Expressions and Thoughts was so very busy in the past few weeks that she forgot that today is her FIRST BLOGOVERSARY. Well, I couldn’t blame her. She is one of the few women nowadays who have chosen to be a full time mom and wife for a career. I have seen her devotion and her passion. By the way, she is giving 20 EC credits to all who well wish her by posting a comment at her post HERE and 200 EC credits to those who will blog about it. To Janet: “Happy First Blogoversary to Expressions and Thoughts!!” Congrats!! 70 total views, 3 views today Hits: 529