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    Seriously Considering a Treatment

    Do you have any idea where I can avail of the best acne treatments around? I saw many beauty clinics at the mall and I don’t know if they are worth the money. I am not a beauty expert and I haven’t seriously experienced pampering myself so I wouldn’t know. So, any idea guys? I may want to try having an acne treatment for a change. Maybe having one will give me another sense of life’s perspective! Hits: 717 229Shares229    

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    Cher News!!

    Well, I think my bed time has just passed by me. I could no longer sleep. My mind is already full of things-to-do-list for the day. So, I opted to get back online and do some little surfing to help me doze off to sleep. And guess what news have I came to stumble upon? Cher is performing again!! If you have been around in the year 1962, you have probably heard about Sonny and Cher but if you are like me, (turning 29 next month) I only started noticing her (no partners) with her gorgeous face in the movie scenes. I mean who wouldn’t? She is beautiful and very…