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I have three children who are asthmatics and this is why I always do my best to make sure that they won’t have any attacks or get sick easily. Being a solo parent with sick kids is not a good scenario to see. That is why I always believe in the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.

In line with that, I always do my very best to give my children with healthy and fresh foods. I also give them a daily dose of Ceelin Plus to give their immune system a boost. Ceelin Plus (Ascorbic Acid + Zinc) is a health supplement brand from UNILAB, the most trusted pharmaceutical company in the Philippines.

Ceelin Plus

I have been using Ceelin (Ascorbic Acid) since my eldest daughter was three years old. Now, she is already 15 years old. My son, 12, and my youngest daughter, 6, also use Ceelin or Ceelin Plus. My children love the taste. And just like their mom, I think they trust Ceelin more than any other brands.

My children are still growing. Though there are times that they do get sick, I am glad that they don’t really have it worse. They can manage and eventually fight back. They recuperate easily and are back playing in no time. I also use Unilab products for their medicines and even in mine.

Let me share a photo of my youngest with her favorite health supplement brand, Ceelin Plus!

Bella with Ceelin Plus


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  • Elvz

    I believe in the brand as well because i used to work for this company as a quality control analyst and I know that they really produce quality products.
    That’s why we buy not just Ceelin for our kids, but we also buy other Unilab products for the whole family.

  • Venussmileygal

    I agree prevention is better than cure. I also love Ceelin for my kiddo! Justine’s pedia recommended vitamins with Zinc so I bought him Ceelin with Zinc, he doesnt like tthe taste though…

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