The Health Benefits of Drinking Ionized Water


Water ionization is a growing trend. It has several benefits for the body from adding antioxidants and aiding in detoxifying the body but it also helps water to taste crisper and clean from the additional filtering. This practice doesn’t have to be followed only at home, there are countertop options available for travel as well. Consider several different types, including enagic water ionizers as an option for your home.

Added Antioxidants

Antioxidants act as a wrangler of sorts to kick toxins, impurities and bad particles out of the body. This also helps to improve the flow of oxygen in the body. Ionized water helps to block free radicals in tap water from getting into the body. The added antioxidants and oxygen help to ward off Cancer and other harmful diseases that cannot live in a properly oxygenated body.

Age Defying Properties

Removing toxins from water prevents them from getting to the surface of the skin. It also helps to keep your skin hydrated. This works well for age-defying practices. The skin will also look healthier. Also, with the reduction and elimination of radicals and toxins in the body, you are likely to feel more energized and younger feeling. It will give you more energy and motivation to work out to improve your health even more.

Improves the Immune System

With the body having the right pH balance, a proper amount of oxygen flowing through the blood and fewer toxins running through the system, the immune system becomes healthier. This is where the body will be able to heal itself better after an injury and fight off more illnesses. Cold symptoms may arise from time-to-time but should not actually become a cold. Healing will be easier and faster after an injury or surgery as well. Consider consuming only ionized water. Make plenty of your own up ahead of time so that your body is not exposed to toxins or radicals that can impede on the progress that you have already made. Immune health is important to everyone, especially those that battle against a chronic illness on a daily bases.

Alkalizes pH Levels in the Body

Ionizing water gives the body a proper acid and alkaline balance. This does help to reduce some medical problems such as profuse perspiration and how some odors are emitted from the body. In order to keep your pH levels in balance, a proper diet must be combined with the ionized water. It is ideal to only drink water that has been run through an ionizer for the best effects.

These added health benefits are actually proven to be a better option than bottled water. The fortification of water though an ionizing process is more natural and is a less expensive option. The detoxifying properties of ionized water help the body to rid itself of toxins that can damper the immune system, reduce endorphin production and keep negative energies in the body. This is a good option to keep the body hydrated as well. Make up bottles of ionized water and put them in the refrigerator for consumption during exercise and travel.

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