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Are You Still Homeschooling?

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This is one of the questions most of my friends are asking. Am I still homeschooling? Well, to quickly answer that question… it is a YES and NO. Let me explain…

It is YES because my son who is now 15 years old is still homeschooled. We are currently doing independent schooling meaning he doesn’t have a homeschool provider. BUT he goes to ALS every Thursday as he is working in getting his junior high school diploma.

It is technically YES because my youngest daughter is still my student in the school where I am teaching right now. It is like we just changed the venue and added new classmates. BUT it is also a NO because she has other teachers aside from me and she is no longer at home. She travels with me to work, her school.

Will you revert back to homeschooling in the future, that I don’t know. In relation to my decision to teach, I have goals that I want to achieve in the future and if it happens there are plans that I will execute accordingly. As of now, all aspirations and goals are still in God’s hands. I am working on achieving them and prayerfully asking for wisdom and guidance.

So, that is my sure answer to that question. I have not taken a photo of my class wherein my youngest daughter is one of my students because most of the time I am busy teaching and transition to my new teacher lifestyle.

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