Our Body Starts Dying at the Age of 25

I read from an article before that the human body starts dying at the age of 25. It doesn’t technically mean that it dies, but it starts to age. The article said this is so because the cells in our body could no longer repair themselves thus they age and eventually die. It was also shared that the production of the newly formed cells is lessened. The amount of dying cells or aging cells increases while the production of new cells decreases. Therefore the human body will start to age and feels tired easily. So if you reach the age of 25, you should not abuse your body like the way you do when you were younger, healthier and stronger.

Since I am already 30 years old, then itโ€™s already 5 years since my body cells started dying thus it also means that I have been abusing my “dying” body for 5 years also. And I think, just maybe, that is the reason why I easily get sick and experiences pain in my whole body.

Anyway, if the article says is true or not, I think I should not abuse my body but sometimes I have no choice but to do some extreme activities just to earn money for the family. ๐Ÿ™

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  • c5

    how else can you earn if your body has finally collapsed because of that abuse? wawa pa mga bata. do get enough sleep!

  • housemom77

    Yah sis I also think that is true I’m 32 yrs old and I have my ecg result sinus tachycardia my heart beats 100+beats per minute I haven’t felt that before but now it’s getting worst I think…

  • Sherry

    my parents told me don’t eat eggs so much as now I every day eat egg, they says not good for health. I can’t help it I like eat york.

  • drouel

    Just wanted to comment on this, 7yrs Later- ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no credibility as a biologist or scientist, just an average guy- somewhere in my research and readings of aging, I seem to recall, that our cells die all of the time, even starting from birth, however, from birth onward, new cells are created at much faster rate, then when they die. its the magic number plus or minus a year or 2, of 25ys old, where our bodies cells die faster then what is being replaced or repaired- and that process gradually builds speed as cell production decreases and cell death increases-


      Hello, Drouel! Thank you for your comment. I don’t remember the entire article, especially now, but I agree with what you said. New cells are created at a faster rate when we are younger.

      Now that I am almost 8 years older since this post, my conclusion is just the same. We should not abuse our bodies, but, I am still guilty. There are times (many times) that I sleep very late. Usually, in the wee hours of the morning. ๐Ÿ™

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