Our Body Starts Dying at the Age of 25


Body Starts Dying

I read from an article before that the human body starts dying at the age of 25. It doesn’t technically mean that it dies, but it starts to age. The article said this is so because the cells in our body could no longer repair themselves thus they age and eventually die. The production of the newly formed cells decreases. The amount of dying cells or aging cells increases while the production of new cells decreases. Therefore the human body will start to age and feels tired easily. So if you reach the age of 25, you should not abuse your body like the way you do when you were younger, healthier and stronger.

Personal Worries

Since I am already 30 years old, then it’s already 5 years since my body cells started dying thus it also means that I have been abusing my “dying” body for 5 years also. And I think, just maybe, that is the reason why I easily get sick and experiences pain in my whole body.

If the article says is true or not, I think I should not abuse my body but sometimes I have no choice but to do some extreme activities just to earn money for the family. 🙁

Anyway, as we grow older, don’t think about your body starts dying when you reach the age of 25 but you can consider this…

Five Doable Habits for You to Be Healthier.

Loving our bodies is one of the things we humans still find challenging. And despite accepting all our flaws and curves, there are some days when we still feel less because we’ve gained a few weights. It may be due to a vacation or a weekend of over-indulgence. Or it may be because you’ve placed healthy eating and exercise on hold for work or family matters.

Whatever may be the cause, the first step in getting back on track to your healthy self is to acknowledge that you have lagged and you need to commit on bringing your confidence and body positivity back in shape.

Some people think that being healthier entail strict diets and harsh exercise. It is not, for starters, you can apply small habit changes that will help you over time. Just have patience and commit to these small practices to start feeling and seeing the difference.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

Have a Healthy Breakfast

Health experts will stand by their advice that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A well-balanced nutritious meal early in the day boosts your metabolism and will give you the energy to help you keep up during the first half of the day.  It will also help you avoid reaching out for unhealthy food because you are hungry.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can sometimes be mistaken as hunger, thus, before getting a snack, drink some water first. You might be thirsty instead of hungry. Staying hydrated can help prevent overeating and keep you feeling fuller. You can try fruit-infused water if you some fruitful flavors plus these are healthier than getting your regular sugary fruit juices.

Relax and De-stress

Do you find yourself mindlessly munching on unhealthy foods when stressed or tired? Whether it is a short meditation, a quick weekend trip, or 10-minute morning walk can reduce stress and make you relax. This will also help curb your cravings and unhealthy impulse for comfort foods and unhealthy snacking.

Improve Sleep Quality

Improve Sleep Quality

Better sleep quality lessens your overall stress levels. You wake up rested and energized to face the new day. When you are well-rested and relaxed, you will not have unhealthy cravings or impulses for food. Invest in good quality pillows if you are experiencing uncomfortable sleep patterns to help you sleep better.

Choose Healthy Food Alternatives

The smallest chances can give you the best advantages when it comes to your health. You can start replacing some of your food choices with healthier and more nutritious food alternatives. Like replacing lettuce with spinach or sweet potatoes for potatoes.

These small habit changes do not take too much effort. But, it goes a long way in helping you achieve confidence and comfort with your health status. Staying healthy and keep away from unhealthy habits also helps keep diseases and illnesses away. You have more energy to accomplish everything you have for the day. Keep these things in mind. You’ll be surprised at how good you’re feeling after weeks of small but impactful healthy habit changes. Don’t worry too much on when does your body starts dying!

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  • c5

    how else can you earn if your body has finally collapsed because of that abuse? wawa pa mga bata. do get enough sleep!

  • housemom77

    Yah sis I also think that is true I’m 32 yrs old and I have my ecg result sinus tachycardia my heart beats 100+beats per minute I haven’t felt that before but now it’s getting worst I think…

  • Sherry

    my parents told me don’t eat eggs so much as now I every day eat egg, they says not good for health. I can’t help it I like eat york.

  • drouel

    Just wanted to comment on this, 7yrs Later- 🙂 I have no credibility as a biologist or scientist, just an average guy- somewhere in my research and readings of aging, I seem to recall, that our cells die all of the time, even starting from birth, however, from birth onward, new cells are created at much faster rate, then when they die. its the magic number plus or minus a year or 2, of 25ys old, where our bodies cells die faster then what is being replaced or repaired- and that process gradually builds speed as cell production decreases and cell death increases-


      Hello, Drouel! Thank you for your comment. I don’t remember the entire article, especially now, but I agree with what you said. New cells are created at a faster rate when we are younger.

      Now that I am almost 8 years older since this post, my conclusion is just the same. We should not abuse our bodies, but, I am still guilty. There are times (many times) that I sleep very late. Usually, in the wee hours of the morning. 🙁

  • fdegfdgf

    we start dying the day we are born, Sometimes I think what is the point of life when we’re just going to die but I guess this place is some sort of transitional area for our souls (if one believes in souls). If you don’t believe in souls or the afterlife then I’m not sure why we have to even live if it means nothing in the end. Weird existence. But I think there is more out there that we don’t know about. Certainly.

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